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The Latest

The Pros and Cons of Premium Golf Balls

My name is Dean Snell, and I own a golf-ball company called Snell Golf. Maybe you’ve heard of my company or even used one of my golf balls; that’s great. My company isn’t the focus of this piece, though; it’s you. GolfWRX has given me the opportunity to help its readers understand what type of golf balls […]


GPS or Laser

When it comes to finding your yardages, marking off the ball using on-course yardage markers is time consuming and, often, inaccurate. Plus, with today’s yardage technology, why would you? The technology on the market today – golf GPS systems and laser rangefinders – are great options for determining your yardages, but both have advantages and […]


Type of Golf Grip Material

There are many different types of golf grip material out there. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. What golf grip material is best for you? Rubber Pros Inexpensive Cons Certain types are not very tacky Synthetic Pros Soft on hands Cons Not very durable Not very good feel Cord Pros Durable Tacky Good […]


When To Replace Your Golf Ball

I see a lot of players playing with “scuff marked” and cut golf balls mainly because golf balls are expensive. Tour players replace their golf ball anytime a half a dozen times a round – some players replace the ball every hole. It is a personal preference, but the data doesn’t lie. A golf ball […]


Adjusting Your Equipment For Different Courses

Something that all great players have in common is that they know their game – well. One of the things that you’ll see players doing next week at the British Open is altering their set of clubs to fit the challenges that “links golf” poses. Some characteristics of “links golf” are firm, windy conditions with […]


The Length of a Tee

There are many different kinds of tees available for golfers to choose from. They all help you do the same thing – elevate the ball from the teeing ground. Before the days of wooden tees, golfers used to use sand – forming a little pyramid to place the ball atop of. The type of tee […]


Shafts Explained

Many amateur golfers don’t seem to realize the importance of having golf clubs that are properly fitted to their game. One important piece of the fitting process is getting the right shaft to match your swing. So let’s talk about the flex of a golf club shaft. The flex of a golf club basically refers […]


Start Thinking About Your Set Makeup

How you organize your set makeup this year can really take some strokes off your scorecard. Take the time to evaluate which clubs you need in your bag and which ones you don’t. Here’s how to get started: Go through a typical round of golf and count the number of times you use each club […]


Don’t Lie to Yourself

Do not let anyone lead you to believe that not having properly fit golf clubs is fine.  It is extremely important to make sure your equipment is right for your body type and swing style.  One of the important items with clubfitting is the “Lie Angle” of the club.  This, in essence, is how the […]


The Long and Short of It

As many of you may have heard, the USGA and R & A are proposing a ban on an anchored stroke with a golf club to be effective in 2016.  Some of you may be wondering what this all means and what the highlights of this rule change would entail. First, it is important to […]