Dr. Shannon Reece

Dr. Shannon Reece

TOP Mental Game Coach in Sport, Business & Life, Sport Psychology, Golf Mental Training, Peak Performance Expert

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dan Hansen for the past 4+ years. Dan is an innovative, hard-working, friendly, and highly skilled instructor, and is continually looking for opportunities to expand his knowledge base to provide his clients with excellence and results in their game. In an effort to expand his clients’ aptitude in the game, Dan has invited me to teach mental game strategies over the years, and applies these strategies in his own instruction. I have had the pleasure of working with several of Dan’s clients on mental game skills, and they rave about their experiences working with Dan. For anyone seeking top notch instruction in the game of golf I highly recommend Dan Hansen.

Todd Sones

Todd Sones

PGA Teaching Professional | Owner – Todd Sones Impact Golf | Owner – Coutour Putter Company

I have had the privilege of working alongside Dan Hansen during a Scoring Zone short game school. I found Dan to be a very knowledgeable and dedicated instructor. He is an expert in teaching putting, which is an area where many golfers could substantially lower their score.

Scott Yates

Scott Yates, PGA   Worked directly with Dan at Shadow Wood CC

Are you looking for a no nonsense solution to your golf game? See Dan Hansen, a true professional. Dan is a great listener and will work with your ability to improve your golf game and keep it fun. Dan’s approach combines his many years of experience with today’s newest technology.
Dan get my highest recommendation.

John Hatherly  Member, Wynstone GC

Dan: I wanted to thank you for your golf instruction, which has made the game much more enjoyable for me and results beyond my wildest expectations. My partner and I won our flight at The Invitational, I am in the semi-finals for both the Governors Cup (2 man team) and President’s Cup. I shot 41 on the back 9 (6 pars in a row) in my last Governors match. My goal now is to win both events. My putting confidence is through the roof as I rarely 3 putt. I cannot express my gratitude enough, as you have made the game fun again. Best, John

Jennifer Haidu   Member, Wynstone GC
First lesson I’ve ever had where I was taught about how and where the ball makes impact with the club. Understanding that part of the game helps the mental swing thought. The video and narrative analysis after the lesson is so helpful…I see concretely what I was being taught by the before and after shots. This visual really helps clarify what not to do and what to do!! Awesome lesson!

Al Newberg   Member, Wynstone GC

 Great teacher. Very good listener. Tries to help you understand where you are with your golf swing. You can’t get better until you know where you’re at. The best part is that he works with your swing versus putting you into a set method.

Jack Vresics   Member, Wynstone GC
 Dan did a great job explaining techniques to improve my grip, swing and thought process.

Bill Hollister   Member, Shadow Wood CC

I was a 63 year old who had never played golf when I met Dan. He taught me the fundamentals but, as importantly, helped me with the mental part of the game. The best part of the relationship was his willingness to allow me to come back for tweaks and adjustments. I am now a 14 handicap at age 76 and still remember with a smile many of the amusing things Dan said to me as I learned the game.

He is a good teacher with a quick wit and outstanding interpersonal skills. Obviously, I would recommend starting or LONG TIME players to use his talents.

Walter Luck   VIP Golf Academy student from Switzerland

The first time I had a golf club in hand was in 2009. I then took some golf lessons with the Pro in our club – but the experience did not satisfy me. That changed dramatically when Dan Hansen took me on and became my regular coach. He coached me according to my skills (from baby-golfer, to toddler… and so on). His instructions where always clear and understandable. After the lessons Dan always talked me through the video he had taken during the lessons and explained to me what my next steps of improvement should be. Today my handicap is 22, not bad for a guy of 64 years. I still take my lessons with Dan every year and I am still learning and improving my play/game. And when ever my game is driving me mad (which happens on a regular basis, unfortunately), I call Dan and he does his magic until my play gets better again. Thank you Dan, you gave me the the passion and love for Golf. And I look forward to our next lessons!

Lisa Walsh   Member, Shadow Wood CC

After playing at the game of golf for several years, I finally became dedicated to improving my game. Dan has worked with me over the past two year to improve everything about my game – set-up; swing plane; follow-through; and putting. Thanks to Dan’s limitless patience, communication skills, and technical knowledge, I enjoy the game more than ever! And when I have any trouble with a part of my game (e.g., short game) we have a tune-up lesson. I highly recommend Dan if you are an newcomer to the game, or an experience golfer!

Bill Murphy   Member, Shadow Wood CC

In the beginning of each season I would take a hour to an hour and a half lesson with Dan.He knows my strenghts and my physical constraints. (4 back surgeries and 3 shoulder surgeries). And every year we find a swing that allows me to play competitive golf. Dan is a excellent golf instructor who adapts his expertise to the individual’s capabilities.
There we times where I just lost my swing in mid season which is very common with amateur golfers and within 15 min. Dan saw the problem and we addressed it. Simple things like your grip , posture, open or closed stance, elbows flying. In fact because of what he has taught me I have become a much more consistent player but as important I have been able to share my knowledge and help my fellow golfers.The other strong point is that Dan Hansen is a damn good man, one who cares.

Michael Loeber   Bonita Springs, FL student

Quick analytical eye; ability to observe, discuss and, in short order, provide sensible corrective practice techniques…if you need them (Ha! Don’t we all need them). Like most recreational golfers, I’ve had a few stints with professional instruction but none clicked with me like my instruction with Dan has.

Jack McKeon   Member, Shadow Wood CC


I took several lessons from Dan Hanson, when I started I was abysmal. After a series of lessons with Dan I am much more consistent and if I pay attention to my set up I play much better. Dan is a very good teacher, he doesn’t overload with info but takes it one step at a time. I am very pleased with the results of my lessons with him. I wold and have recommended Dan to friends and family as a good teaching pro.

Lynn Davenport   Member, Shadow Wood CC

Dan improved my iron shots significantly in just a one hour lesson. He made just a few minor adjustments to my swing and preserved the whole experience on his website for me to access as a refresher any time I need it. He is a fantastic teacher who doesn’t try to remake your swing.

Jeanne Riley   Member, Shadow Wood CC

Dan Hansen started instructing me 13 years ago when I was almost a beginner (53 years old). I took 3-5 lessons with him per year and many short sessions throughout those winter months. He took me from a 28 handicap to a 15!! I attribute my great golf success to only him. I recommend him highly!!

Larry Winston   Member, Shadow Wood CC


I’ve know Dan and taken lessons from him for over 10 years and found him to be affable, and an excellent communicator. He is a pro who can really improve either your whole game or a small part of it depending on what you want him to do and his use of video teaching techniques are state of the art.

Michael Aversa   Client at VIP Golf Academy

Dan is a very good listener. He truly knows all aspects of the game of golf. My goals seemed realistic and I felt he helped me reach them. I’ve had a couple lessons with Dan and would enjoy another to see what he thinks of my progress and what else he thinks I should work on.

Richard Kaplan   Member, Shadow Wood CC

Not only is Dan a excellent teacher – particularly on the short game and putting, but he is a real gentleman and friend.

Mark Gaver   Member, Shadow Wood CC

Dan is a great golf instructor. Since taking lessons with Dan my golf game has improved dramatically, I highly recommend Dan.

Jim Winterle   Client at VIP Golf Academy

Dan really knows the game of golf and worked well with my skill level and abilities to help me with improve and understand golf.

 Valerie Overheul   Member, Shadow Wood CC

Dan is a very competent instructor for golfers of all abilities. Dan demonstrates a his compassion for the game of golf. Every session is a learning experience because Dan works with strengths of the individual knowing everyone person requires a different approach to learning.

Bob Knopik   Member, Wynstone Golf Club

Dan is an excellent golf instructor. Unlike others, Dan does not try to radically change your swing by compariing you to professionals. He works with what you can do and makes sublte changes that nevertheless help in your overall golf experience. I plan to use Dan again for refreshers. He keeps it simple but delivers great results.

Steve Botsford   Member, Wynstone Golf Club
Spent last summer with Dan giving instructions to me, my 22 year old never played daughter and my 26 year old starting to play son. His approach and instructions are all about making the game simple and complicated. At each step, he was building a replicate able swing. I look forward to continue with him this Spring.

JoAnn Murphy   Member, Wynstone Golf Club


Dan is a great instructor. Very knowledgable. He does a great job teaching to your individual strengths. Simplifies the golf swing!

Paul Cherubino   Member, Shadow Wood CC

Dan has been my one and only instructor. I started with a 38 handicap and have gotten it down to 20. The video he takes and has on line are a great review tool to look at before I go out to play. He doesn’t try to change a lot of things at one time and I have had great results.

Dave Fiederlein   Ft Myers, FL student

Dan did a great job getting me on track with my swing and helping me get the most out of my ability.

Larry Acorn   Member, Shadow Wood CC


The lessons were to improve putting, and improve practice habits, but mainly to improve contact with irons. We worked on overcoming my “DNA” which dictated “picking” the ball vs. hitting down and through. We made some progress, but could have used many more reinforcing lessons. Dan has the patience of a saint.

Jim Pampinella   Member, Shadow Wood CC


I found Dan to be an excellent communicator with the flexibility to adapt to students needs.

Barb Neidhard   Member, Shadow Wood CC

Dan changed my swing with subtle changes from session to session. Easier for me to manage with a positive outcome. Thanks Dan!

Larry Hofmann, Member, Shadow Wood CC

Taking a lesson from Dan is a pleasure and very HELPFUL. He thoroughly understands the swing components and keeps the coaching to the principle of keeping it simple. Taking a lesson is one component to the swing with practice practice practice being a 2nd component.