Expectation has to be eliminated if you want to become a better golfer. It demands that we should play in a certain way, and if we don’t then something must be wrong; this just leads to frustration and self-doubt. By simply re-framing your mind-set and being more disciplined in your approach, you can easily eliminate this pressure and play better, more enjoyable golf.

To do this we need to be able to focus on the present. Treat each shot as an individual and play it the best you can. It sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many people stand on the tee box thinking about making a score before they have even hit the tee shot. Your score on any hole should rather be the aggregate of all the individual shots.

Focus on the steps of your routine and make that your goal for the round instead. It’s tricky, but at the end of each hole try writing down the number of shots that you felt you successfully stuck to your routine. Total these numbers and make this your target for your next round. If you can make this a habit, I’ve no doubt you will start to see the results and get more enjoyment from the game whether you shoot your best score or not.

To get started you need a system or a process; something that you can adhere… A mental checklist. This comes in the form of a pre-shot routine.

“The Pre-Shot Routine”

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