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Swing Styles Don’t Matter

Swing Styles Don’t Matter There are many swing styles. Each unique to the player. But so many instructors try to fit students into one style. That’s because they have had success with that style themselves. What we have to remember is that we are all built differently and have different limitations. We need to have […]


The Proper Sequence of An Efficient Takeaway

The first few feet the club swings back is one of the most critical parts of the golf swing. How we start our takeaway will dictate how our body moves and will set the tone for the entire swing. In order to have the most efficient swing possible, the club head and shaft must move […]


Trying To Clear Your Hips Could Be Hurting Your Golf Swing

As most golfers know, the downswing starts from the ground up. The proper kinematic sequence is as follows: the hips move left and open up to the target, followed by the torso, then the arms and finally the club. Slow-motion video and modern technology has shown us this. Despite the knowledge of the proper kinematic sequence, […]


Swing Factors That Determine How You Release the Golf Club

A lot has been written about what is called “lag,” or angle retention in the golf swing, which occurs during the downswing. How much lag is necessary? When should a golfer release the club? Does lag actually help? Those are the questions that I see regularly asked by readers in GolfWRX instruction articles. Lag is a […]


Trackman tells us the truth about uneven lies (Part 2)

In Part 2 of Trackman tells us the truth about uneven lies, I will be discussing in detail why the ball tends to fade or slice when it is below your feet and what particular Trackman parameter is the influencer. As stated in Part 1, I found that the biggest differentiation was the shaft plane at impact […]


3 Keys You Need to Understand About Impact to Play Better Golf

Impact is the point where the golf ball is programmed by your swing to fly high or low, with curvature or dead straight. Most golfers don’t understand exactly how the relationship between the club head and the golf ball at impact determines how your golf ball flies in the air, however, so in this article […]


Trackman tells us the truth about uneven lies (Part 1)

  I was interested to figure out what specifically changed when the ball was above or below a golfer’s feet. The general rule of thumb is that when the ball is above your feet, it tends to go left for the right-handed golfers, and when below your feet, it will go to the right. “Is this because […]


What is the ball doing? That’s the most important question in golf instruction

I offer an online swing analysis program, and golfers from around the world have sent me their swings to analyze. I am always quick to mention that with the video they send, they must also send me a description of their typical ball flight.  At the club where I teach, and actually everywhere I’ve ever taught, I’m […]


What Is Your Golf Ball Telling You?

What is your ball telling you? What I mean is, when you hit a shot what does the balls flight teach you about your clubface.  Remembering “The ball is really dumb, it only knows what the clubface tells it.”, should help you here. Say your ball starts left and curves right and you’re a right […]


Why trying to create more lag can hurt your game

During what seems like every PGA Tour telecast, there’s a swing video analysis segment that mentions how a player retains the angle formed between the club shaft and the left forearm during the downswing. This action, called “lag,” often confuses the average golfer who’s watching because they see it as a singular key to distance, power […]