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6 Reasons You’re Wasting Time on the Driving Range

Motor Learning Let’s get down to it. Most people don’t improve after going to the driving range. Why else would we call the walk from the range to the golf course is called the “longest walk in golf”. That’s why we need to work on making your practice on the driving range transfer to the […]


3 Essentials to Breaking A Habit

You’re reading this article because you play golf and have spent various periods of time working on a shot or a part of the swing that you want to improve. You remember when somewhere along the road you hit a rough patch where you weren’t playing as well, and your ball flight was unpredictable. It’s […]


How To Track Some Of the Most Important Stats in Golf

I have been studying the game of golf from a statistical standpoint for 27 years. In 1992, I launched a new form of analysis that I called Strokes Lost and Saved, now known as Strokes Gained. My system was built around encouraging golf instructors and players to move away from the traditional, one-dimensional stats (fairways, […]


Why Practicing More Can Actually Make You Worse

Congratulations, you’ve finally done it. You’ve committed to getting better at golf, and made the promise to work harder than ever on your game. Or maybe you’re recently retired and have more time on your hands. So off to the course you go, everyday, to bang a tour-size bucket of balls. The problem is, you’re […]


Two reasons you don’t take your best game to the course

  The past week, you went to the driving range you were killing it. You had a baby draw nailed down with the driver and a killer flop shot around the greens that you pulled off 90 percent of the time. So when Saturday came around, it was time to win some money. That beautiful draw with the […]


Why practicing golf is pointless for many golfers

Most golfers think of practice as hitting balls on the range, and for the majority of golfers that’s their only practice. Any practice is better than no practice, of course, but when most golfers practice they’re not actually improving their golf swings. They’re repeating their old swings over and over, trying to make compensations so […]


10 Practice Drills to Improve Your Golf Game

If your life is like mine, you only have a limited amount of time to practice your golf game. So when you do, you want to maximize time rather than mindlessly beating range balls. Personally, as my golf career has progressed, I’ve figured out what works best for my golf game and what drills seem […]


3 Proverbs to Help You Improve Your Golf Game

  While I can’t verify that they’re completely original, here are some sayings and proverbs we use all the time to players to help them improve their golf games. “One in a row is not a streak” The biggest mistake players make when taking a lesson or trying to make swing changes on their own, […]


Play the Golf Course on the Driving Range

Struggling to take your driving range swing to the golf course? It’s a common complaint among golfers. “But I hit it so great on the range. Why can’t I do that on the course?” Sound familiar? Swings on the range and play on the course are 2 very different things. On the course, you’re not […]


Be Your Own Teacher: The New Ball Flight Laws

Introduction This review paper is devoted to a discussion of the ball flight laws – a discussion of the club factors that affect a golf ball’s flight pattern in space. I believe that a golfer can greatly benefit if he has in-depth understanding of the factors that affect ball flight – in particular, the influence […]