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PUTTING DISTANCE CONTROL – THE KEY TO SUCCESS ON THE GREENS Putting is arguably the most difficult part of golf. In order to make a putt you need to pick the correct combination of line and speed, and make a good stroke. This is exactly why the percentages of made putts are far lower than […]


Golf Etiquette… Learn The Rules Of Basic Golf Manners

According to golf etiquette, the sport of golf is played without guidance, supervision, or control by a coach, referee, or an umpire on the golf course. Beginning golfers usually are not aware of the customary practices and behavior on the course. Basically the game relies upon each golfer to be considerate of their fellow players […]


The Golfer’s Poem

In My Hand I Hold A Ball, White And Dimpled, And Rather Small. Oh, How Bland It Does Appear, This Harmless Looking Little Sphere. By Its Size I Could Not Guess The Awesome Strength It Does Possess. But Since I Fell Beneath Its Spell, I’ve Wandered Through The Fires Of Hell. My Life Has Not […]



GETTING MORE DISTANCE OF THE TEE IS EASY RIGHT? Getting more distance off the tee is easy right?  Well, golf companies sure would like you to believe that…they have us feeling as if the equation is as simple as…longer drivers = longer drives.   Not so fast cowboy! As recently as the early-90s, most standard off-the-rack […]


Swing Styles Don’t Matter

Swing Styles Don’t Matter There are many swing styles. Each unique to the player. But so many instructors try to fit students into one style. That’s because they have had success with that style themselves. What we have to remember is that we are all built differently and have different limitations. We need to have […]


How To Hold A Golf Club: Expert Tips For A Better Grip

How To Hold A Golf Club: Expert Tips For A Better Grip A good grip is the foundation for a good golf game. When you grip the golf club correctly, you set yourself up to execute and get everything else right. When you grip the club incorrectly, you make the game harder than it needs […]


Start Line Drill: Hole More Putts

One of the keys to shooting lower scores? You need to hole more putts, specifically the sloping putts that golfers tend to miss most frequently. Stop compensating with your hands! Watch my video to learn a drill that can help you better aim the putter face and control it correctly.


The Proper Sequence of An Efficient Takeaway

The first few feet the club swings back is one of the most critical parts of the golf swing. How we start our takeaway will dictate how our body moves and will set the tone for the entire swing. In order to have the most efficient swing possible, the club head and shaft must move […]


What’s the deal with putter face rotation?

 In a conventional golf swing, the clubface opens and closes, rotating to the target line. But with the putter, this is often seen as undesirable. In this article I’ll examine how clubface rotation happens, whether it should, and if so, to what extent. Pendulum-style Many people discount that the putter can be swung like a […]


Trying To Clear Your Hips Could Be Hurting Your Golf Swing

As most golfers know, the downswing starts from the ground up. The proper kinematic sequence is as follows: the hips move left and open up to the target, followed by the torso, then the arms and finally the club. Slow-motion video and modern technology has shown us this. Despite the knowledge of the proper kinematic sequence, […]