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Swing Factors That Determine How You Release the Golf Club

A lot has been written about what is called “lag,” or angle retention in the golf swing, which occurs during the downswing. How much lag is necessary? When should a golfer release the club? Does lag actually help? Those are the questions that I see regularly asked by readers in GolfWRX instruction articles. Lag is a […]


6 Reasons You’re Wasting Time on the Driving Range

Motor Learning Let’s get down to it. Most people don’t improve after going to the driving range. Why else would we call the walk from the range to the golf course is called the “longest walk in golf”. That’s why we need to work on making your practice on the driving range transfer to the […]


How Being Honest with Yourself Can Shave 5 Strokes Off Your Game

Ask a room full of golf pros to agree on the longest-held misconception most golfers have, and there’s a good chance you would ultimately hear this: how far they truly hit the ball. Unlike just a few years ago, though, affordable distance-measuring devices now allow many of us pros to back up these age-old claims with […]


Trackman tells us the truth about uneven lies (Part 2)

In Part 2 of Trackman tells us the truth about uneven lies, I will be discussing in detail why the ball tends to fade or slice when it is below your feet and what particular Trackman parameter is the influencer. As stated in Part 1, I found that the biggest differentiation was the shaft plane at impact […]


3 Keys You Need to Understand About Impact to Play Better Golf

Impact is the point where the golf ball is programmed by your swing to fly high or low, with curvature or dead straight. Most golfers don’t understand exactly how the relationship between the club head and the golf ball at impact determines how your golf ball flies in the air, however, so in this article […]


Trackman tells us the truth about uneven lies (Part 1)

  I was interested to figure out what specifically changed when the ball was above or below a golfer’s feet. The general rule of thumb is that when the ball is above your feet, it tends to go left for the right-handed golfers, and when below your feet, it will go to the right. “Is this because […]


The Mystery Behind the Mulligan

Twenty years ago, I played a lot of golf with a guy we had nicknamed “The Best Mulligan Player in Golf.” He’d perfected the art by keeping an extra ball in his front left pants pocket and incorporating a reach for it into his cut short follow-through before his first ball had even hit the apex […]


Push or Pull: What’s your power source when putting?

A big mistake that many amateurs, and even some professionals make when putting is to use their hands to deliver the putter to the ball. These types of players have made it a habit to use hand action to power the putter, which causes very mixed results on today’s faster green surfaces. Your lead hand […]


The Statistical Differences Between a Scratch Golfer and PGA Tour Player

You might ask: How would I know the differences between a scratch golfer and a PGA Tour player? Well, it is my full-time job to know these type of things about golf. I have been studying the game from a statistical standpoint for 27 years. I created the Strokes Gained analysis website, ShotByShot.com, and work […]


3 Essentials to Breaking A Habit

You’re reading this article because you play golf and have spent various periods of time working on a shot or a part of the swing that you want to improve. You remember when somewhere along the road you hit a rough patch where you weren’t playing as well, and your ball flight was unpredictable. It’s […]