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Determine Your Eye Dominance

If you don’t know what your dominant eye is you may be costing yourself many strokes per round. Knowing which is your dominant eye allows you to setup correctly to the ball and hole more putts. If you are “right-eye” dominant you will see the hole to the right of its true location because you’ll […]


The Smart Play Pays Off

They call it the “smart play” for a reason. The way that Bill Haas won this past week’s Northern Trust Open at Riviera Country Club proves that you don’t need the “hero shot” to win on the PGA Tour (or to shoot your best scores). Here was the scene: A playoff between Phil Mickelson, Keegan […]


Don’t Get the Cart Before the Horse When it Comes to Your Next Driver

A cart goes nowhere without a horse to pull it.  In a comparison to picking your next driver, the shape or technology of a driver head design is of little importance unless you first get the right ‘horse’ – which in this case means FIVE critical parameters that have to be matched well to your […]


Get to Know Your Rules

The Rules of Golf were established to make for a universal level playing field. Now is as great a time as any to review and get to better understand the rules of golf. Knowing the rules not only allows you to abide by them, but it also allows you to take advantage of them. I […]


Fuel Up on The Golf Course

There should be food in your golf bag at all times. I bet when most of you grab your golf bag to play a round of golf you make sure to have golf balls, tees, and clubs; but if you’re like a majority of golfers you don’t pack food. Keeping your physical & mental energy […]


Equipment Fit for Your Game

When is the last time you have done an audit of your equipment? I don’t just mean when you bought that new driver.  I am referring to the last time you sat down with your instructor and decided if you had the correct clubs (drivers, wedges, putter) and if they truly fit your game. Having […]


Your Fitness Sets the Ceiling for Your Golf Potential

Golf is a recreational sport, much like tennis, biking, running and swimming. But for many years, it was linked more closely to bass fishing and ping pong than actual sport. The public’s perception of golfers was they rode in golf carts and smoked cigars, and thus everyone with a set of clubs, a sleeve of […]