Equipment Fit for Your Game

When is the last time you have done an audit of your equipment?

I don’t just mean when you bought that new driver.  I am referring to the last time you sat down with your instructor and decided if you had the correct clubs (drivers, wedges, putter) and if they truly fit your game.

Having an equipment audit is one of the most important and easy things you can do to drop some strokes from your round.

Here are some common areas that can lead to the fastest improvement:

  1. Does your driver have the correct loft, shaft flex, length and weighting?
  2. Do you have the correct wedge gaps. Maybe you need to add or remove a wedge?
  3. Do you still carry a 3 iron? Take that out, and put a hybrid in there.
  4. Have the lie and lofts of your irons checked. This should be done twice a year if you average 2 rounds per week.
  5. Change your grips. This should be done when your lie and lofts are being adjusted.

These are just a few smart ways to improve your game by putting time into areas that count and spending your dollars on instant results.

Please contact me if you would like to set-up a custom club fitting sessions today!