Determine Your Eye Dominance

If you don’t know what your dominant eye is you may be costing yourself many strokes per round. Knowing which is your dominant eye allows you to setup correctly to the ball and hole more putts.

If you are “right-eye” dominant you will see the hole to the right of its true location because you’ll set up with your right eye too far inside the ball and the target line. This will cause you to push your putts to the right and most likely adjust your stroke accordingly (outside to in) to then pull the ball back online.
This means that you can have a perfect read and still miss!

According to Dr. Lawrence Lampert, Vision Specialist and author of the book The Pro’s Edge: Vision Training for Golf,

The proper position for consistent alignment in putting, chipping, and bunker play is to have your eyes directly over the golf ball, square to your target line, with your dominant eye over the back tip of the ball.

Learn which of your eyes is dominant to account for this optical illusion by taking the test below:

  1. Hold your arms out in front of you and make a triangle by overlapping the space between index finger and thumb with the same space on your opposite hand. Make a peep sight with the webs of your thumbs, and stare at an object in the distance.
  2. Look at an object through the triangle hole made by your hands, preferably something round like a door knob.
  3. Focus on the object, not your hands.
  4. Now close one of your eyes. If you still see the object with your left eye open you are left eyed. If you still see the object with your right eye open you are right eyed.