Five Ways To Improve Your Game

There are thousands, perhaps even millions of micro-movements that makes up any given golf swing. With so many moving parts it’s safe to assume that there are an equal number of things that can go wrong…but that means there’s an equal number of ways for you to improve.

Here are just five methods; how many boxes have you ticked?


Square the clubface at impact.

The ball can leave the clubface in one of 360 directions, and 359 of them are wrong. Take mini practice swings and focus on having the face of the club pass through the ball at 90 degrees, towards your target. That’s of course assuming you’re aligned correctly!


Hit down on the golf ball. 

It seems counter-intuitive to many beginner – or stubborn regulars – but hitting down on the ball makes it go up. A descending blow creates backspin, which in turn creates lift, keeping the ball in the air for longer and sending it back to earth at a steeper trajectory that stops it quickly on the green. Far too many golfer try to lift or scoop the ball; don’t!


Manage the course. 

This sounds complicated, but it’s not; all it entails is some common sense and some restraint. If you’re a 20 handicapper faced with 200 yards to carry some water then be honest with yourself; you almost certainly aren’t going to make it – so why risk it? Take out the Wedge and leave yourself with a nice full approach shot into the green.


Finish your swing. 

A right handed golfer should their swing with the weight on the left foot, and the right foot up on its toe. No matter your build or height, if you aren’t finishing your swing like this then something before it has gone seriously wrong; that means you aren’t turning through the ball properly and you’re missing out.  



Have you ever seen a golfer leaning over to the left or right, arms and legs splayed out in different directions after they’ve hit an arrow-straight tee shot? Me neither. Stay grounded, swing within yourself and improve your accuracy.

How serious are you at improving your game? Tell me how many of the five points above you have made an effort to improve on. If it’s less than three you’ve got a lot of room for improvement, so click here to contact me and I’ll design a customized, expert solution that will fit your requirements.