Golf Specific Strength Exercises

Golf Specific Strength Exercises For A Powerful Swing

Every golfer is looking for more power. Golf specific strength exercises can get you there the quickest. You see…it is not pounding more balls that will get you to drive the ball farther, nor is it taking more lessons. The key is incorporating strength exercises that are golf specific.

Golf Exercises With Weights

Any strength program utilizes weights. The weights I am talking about are primarily dumbbells. Dumbbells allow you a full range of motion that can be exactly like every phase of your golf swing. All it takes is a little creativity to design golf exercises that mimic your swing with weights.

backswing with dumbell

Take a look at the picture above. I am making a golf backswing with a single dumbbell. Nothing fancy, but very effective. This simple golf exercise will improve the strength of my golf muscles specific to my backswing, in return generating a much more powerful backswing.

Strength Exercises With Tubing

Another effective golf specific exercise tool is tubing. Tubing is inexpensive, portable, and can be purchased just about anywhere (including Target now). I use exercise tubing in all my golf fitness dvds, manual and membership site because it enables me to come up with exercises that replicate the golf swing exactly.

downswing with tubing

Take a look at this picture. I am making an exact golf downswing with tubing attached to the top of a door. You can’t get anymore golf specific than that. I have received emails from golfers who have just done this exercise and have seen increases of 30 yards on their drives.

There are literally dozens and dozens of strength exercises you can do with tubing that are golf specific.

Golf Specific Strength Training With Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are the rave! They were a very popular training device back in the early 1900’s and have come back full force. Every conditioning program for golf and all sports incorporate medicine balls.

exercise with medicine ball

The beauty of medicine balls is the weight. They are as big as a basketball, but can weigh up to 20 pounds. This is ideal for strengthening your core specific to golf. Look at the picture here. I am doing a stationary golf swing with a heavy medicine ball. This simple exercise can add a massive amount of yards to all your clubs due to the rapid strength improvement of your core.

You can’t ignore golf specific strength training exercises anymore. Embrace them and watch your power and distance explode! *

By Mike Pedersen, Perform Better Golf