Do You Have a Favorite Club?

Most golfers have a favorite club in their bag that simply makes them confident. If you have a club that you just know you are going to hit well every time you take it out – do you know the actual reason for this? Is the grip a little different than your other clubs? Is the length of the club just right? Does the flex of the shaft feel better than your other clubs? Maybe you have no idea why, you just feel extra confident with this club.

Well maybe it’s time to ask me why this favorite club is so good. When was the last time you had the specs on your clubs checked? You could possibly have some clubs that have different lofts and lies and therefore perform very differently from the rest of the clubs in your bag. If you have never had the lofts, lies, and lengths checked on your clubs, then this is most probably the culprit.

On the other hand, you may have a club that you hate to use. Have you ever looked into why you have such trouble with this club? Most players just think that they aren’t good enough to hit it. Once again, this problem can most likely be rectified through proper investigation.

If you feel that you have a disparity in the confidence that you have in all of your clubs, then contact me to see if we can make sure that you have 14 favorite clubs – not just one!