Focus on Your Golf Fitness

Ever since Tiger Woods came onto the scene in 1997, golf specific fitness has grown in popularity. The golf world has advocated that fitness is the new key to lowering your scores. Getting your body in “golf shape” is something that not only you can do for your overall health, but a game improvement solution you can use when away from the practice facility.

Well, technology is certainly making big strides in helping golfers lower their scores – but there is only so much that technology can allow us to do. So lets talk about your fitness level – and how it can help to improve your golf swing, stamina, and focus on the golf course.

One of the most important factors in golf fitness is flexibility. The golf swing requires an ample amount of flexibility to be effective – specifically in the back, hamstrings, and hips.  It’s also key to preventing injury. The golf swing is a repetitive motion that places a lot of torque on the lower back, therefore the more flexible you are, the less chance you’ll have of pulling a muscle or tweaking your back.  You have probably heard many stories about golfers who throw out their back as they step on the first tee  – well this can come as no surprise if that golfer didn’t properly stretch beforehand.

Another key to golf fitness is core strength. When we talk about the “core” we are referring to the abdominal muscles and the supporting muscles around the mid-section of your body. To put it simply, the golf club is swung around the center of your body, so the stronger the center of your body (the core) is – then the better chance you have of hitting the golf ball solid and consistently. Focusing on your core strength while working out will help you swing the club better and also prevent injury – two great things for your golf game!

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