Drills to Help You Improve the Balance and Rhythm in Your Golf Swing

To help find your natural swinging rhythm, try this exercise:

• Place 5 tees in the ground 4 inches apart in a line.
• Stand just inside the closest tee and begin swinging a 7-iron back and through with a continuous swing motion.
• Begin walking forward, clipping each tee out of the ground in succession.
• Repeat this drill three times and you will find a swing pace that will allow you to keep your balance and still generate clubhead speed.

Perfect and memorize your balance points with this drill:

• Close your eyes and feel your balance at address, then make a backswing and stop at the top, feel your balance on the inside of the back foot.
• Start your downswing by feeling weight move to the front shoe, then stop at impact. Your weight should be on the front foot.
• Continue your swing to the finish and hold, feeling your weight on the front foot, and tap your back toe.

(Note: Start the above drill swinging in slow motion, about 10-percent of your normal swing speed, for 10 reps. Then repeat while increasing your speed to 20-percent, 30-percent, and so on up to 80-percent.)

One of the very best practice drills involves practicing your swing in slow motion:

• Set up 10 teed-up balls and make full swings in slow motion. The balls should only travel 10 to 15 yards. Think of this speed as 10-percent of your normal swing speed. (Your belt buckle is the “speedometer” of your swing for this exercise.)
• Every 10 balls, increase your body rotation speed by 10-percent.
• By the time you reach 80-percent, you will arrive at your optimum rhythm and balance speed.

You will be surprised at how far the ball goes and how solid you will contact the ball.