#1 Yip Fix

The World’s Leading Authority on Putting – Marius Filmalter

Hi folks,

I’ve conducted a lot of research on the yips. One thing I’ve found is that golfers only yip when there’s a ball on the ground, and that removing the ball immediately produces a smoother stroke.

Try this drill and prove it to yourself.

Set up to putt and have a friend place his finger on top of the ball. Your friend’s job is twofold: to keep the ball where it is on some strokes, and on others, to pull it back just before impact. His goal is to basically surprise you by allowing you to make contact with the ball or not. What happens after a while is that you’ll get frustrated. Then you’ll stop caring (“I don’t care what he does, I’m just going to make my stroke”). That’s the breakthrough you’re looking for. At that point, and it usually takes 25 to 30 balls for the light to turn on, you’ll find that you’re actually making nice, yip-less putting strokes. Why? The ball is no longer getting in the way.

Have a friend randomly pull the ball back just before impact on some putts, but leave it in place on others.


By taking turns moving the ball and keeping it in place, your friend can help you lose the anticipation of impact.

Not knowing whether or not the ball will be there at impact teaches you to forget the ball and simply make your stroke.