Good Balance Translates to Accuracy and Power

How Does Balance Translate to Accuracy and Power?

Day DTLUntitled design(4)Balance at address can have a great influence on the path of the club along with how you can create ground force and power. I see many mid to high handicap players and even some low handicap players more on their toes at address than their heels.


As I work more with Swing Catalyst this becomes evident to me. The players who create the most pressure on their heels at address not only hits it farther but hit their shots are online more often. This also allows the path of the club through impact to come down the straight plane line. ( Dynamic #5  IZG ) If we can deliver the shaft down the straight plane line we will hit more fairways and greens. Add power and strike the ball higher on the club face which in turn raises the smash factor. That means bigger bang for the buck and higher ball speed related to club head speed.

Pressure on teos

Here is an average set up that I see on many students on their first session. ( photo above) Much of their pressure is on the balls of their feet at address. The red in the photo shows more pressure the blue is less. I prefer to see the red more towards the heels at address. If the player can then Load up on the back swing more into the heel of their back foot it will make it easier to come from the inside on the downswing. A good way to feel this is to get your pressure into the ground on your back heel at the top then step on your front heel on the down swing. The trace or pressure will look more like this photo below.


This is at the end of the swing. Notice that 79% heel to toe with 78% right to left. I like to see even more pressure left at the finish. As high as 100%. That trace will then move from the back heel on the down swing slightly towards the toes and then to the front heel at impact to a finish. This is when we will see the best ball flight along with launch and smash factor.

So at address lift your toes a little and feel your pressure into your heel. Top of back swing pressure goes to back heel. Down swing pressure feels like it is moving from back heel to front heel. Hip and pelvic rotation will happen in the correct sequence and crushing the ball will be the result.

By Guest Contributor Bernard Sheridan