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Burned To A Crisp: Need-to-Know Golfer Skin Care Facts

If you play golf, there’s a good chance you’ll get skin cancer. You read that right. We’d love to be able to tell you that all the damage you’ve done to your skin while playing golf without wearing sunscreen can be reversed. Some of it can, but the jarring reality is that one out of […]


Golf as a Workout

Golf’s reputation for being a sport lacking in physical fitness is not necessarily true. In fact, golf can be a great workout, if you let it be. When you ditch the cart, beer and typical course vices – like smoking or dipping – golf can be beneficial to your health. If someone with an average […]


Stay Safe in the Heat

Playing in the heat can effect your golf game and, even worse, your health.  But, as long as you’re prepared, you can still have fun out there, while staying safe from the heat, too. Here are some tips for when your golf game coincides with a heat wave: It is recommended to drink 16 ounces of […]


Stretching Your Shoulders

Properly stretching your body before a round of golf can greatly improve your flexibility, prevent injuries and ultimately lead to better scores. However, most golfers tend to overlook proper and thorough stretching routines before and in-between rounds of golf. One of the most important areas a golfer should stretch are the shoulders. The shoulder joint […]


Why Low Back Discomfort Is Common Among Golfers

If you play the game long enough, it’s bound to occur.  Low back discomfort and pain, it’s almost synonymous with golf.  The nature of the beast is the one-sided, repetitive nature of the game.  Start young enough and/or play it often enough and you’re sure to join the nearly half of all golfers who suffer […]


Strength vs. Flexibility

In most sports, the stronger you are the more power you will generate – which usually means the better you will be. Of course each sport requires a specific skill too – not just power. However, in the game of golf, your most valued physical asset is not necessarily strength – it’s flexibility. The two […]


Don’t “Crash & Burn” at the Turn

Nutrition is one of the least addressed issues on the golf course. A body without proper nutrition is like a car without fuel. It just won’t go very far. Any serious golfer has to start thinking about that. Golf nutrition is still a relatively new concept. However, everybody knows that leading athletes in the NBA […]



The heat is on and with it come some environmental conditions that could have a definite impact on your health, as well as your golf game.  Preparing for the warmer temps is a very wise idea, especially if you don’t let those “fry an egg on the sidewalk” days keep you off the course. There […]