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3 Essentials to Breaking A Habit

You’re reading this article because you play golf and have spent various periods of time working on a shot or a part of the swing that you want to improve. You remember when somewhere along the road you hit a rough patch where you weren’t playing as well, and your ball flight was unpredictable. It’s […]


What I Learned From Talking to 23 Mental Game Experts in 6 months

Over the past 6 months, I’ve sat down and talked with some of the leaders in the field of mental performance: everyone from researchers such as Dr. Debbie Crews,psychologists such as Dr. Joseph Parent, and coaches such as Lynn Marriot and Pia Nilsson. I’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to […]


How To Train Your Brain for Better Golf

Mind Games What separates the great players from the really good ones? In most cases, it’s what takes place between the ears. There are fabulous players out there who can hit some extraordinary golf shots and have tremendous ballstriking skills and near-perfect swing mechanics. But that doesn’t mean they know how to shoot lower scores […]


6 fundamental steps to building your mental game

By Guest instructor John Haime A big problem I see with golfers is that most players understand the importance of the mental game to performance, but don’t know how to develop it. There’s a lot of work required to build the necessary mental skills, just like there’s a lot of work that goes into building a […]


Beat The Yips With These Simple Tips

The yips is a disease that affects the cognitive process of the brain and disrupts fine motor movement of the body. Golfers are predominantly affected by the disease on short putts, but can also be affected on other shots. The disease has ruined the careers of numerous professional golfers, and has forced many golfers to […]


Mental Game Tip: Relaxed and Poised

One of the keys to playing well is the ability to relax and play without stress and tension. Once you are relaxed, the key to playing at your best is your ability to become poised to enter the zone. This is quite an undertaking for the average golfer, but poise under pressure is what all […]


The “Ball-Bound” Factor

Sometimes our awareness of the golf ball actually inhibits our ability to play well. I refer to this as being ball bound.  And in today’s video, Bobby Clampett is going to show you how to overcome it and ensure you fully concentrate on the things that really matter for great impact.


Playing In The Present

The hardest thing to communicate to a golfer is the importance of changing their world view from outcome to process thinking because they have been conditioned from birth by society to judge their success from their results. It takes a leap of faith to trust that perfecting the process, which includes staying in the present and not […]


Building Unshakeable Golf Confidence

Confidence is a vital ingredient to success in golf, and all golfers can experience lapses in it from time to time. Some feel it the most when they first take up the game, regularly comparing their handicap or score with that of others. Even seasoned golfers battle twinges of self-doubt and fear when faced with […]


Mental Game Basics

Here is a mental golf game checklist to always revisit to help you become the player you want to be… 1.  Getting Easily Distracted: There’s a lot of downtime in golf, which allows our minds to wander. Some players begin to think of the holes that are coming up, while others are thinking of the phone […]