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PUTTING DISTANCE CONTROL – THE KEY TO SUCCESS ON THE GREENS Putting is arguably the most difficult part of golf. In order to make a putt you need to pick the correct combination of line and speed, and make a good stroke. This is exactly why the percentages of made putts are far lower than […]


Start Line Drill: Hole More Putts

One of the keys to shooting lower scores? You need to hole more putts, specifically the sloping putts that golfers tend to miss most frequently. Stop compensating with your hands! Watch my video to learn a drill that can help you better aim the putter face and control it correctly.


What’s the deal with putter face rotation?

 In a conventional golf swing, the clubface opens and closes, rotating to the target line. But with the putter, this is often seen as undesirable. In this article I’ll examine how clubface rotation happens, whether it should, and if so, to what extent. Pendulum-style Many people discount that the putter can be swung like a […]


Push or Pull: What’s your power source when putting?

A big mistake that many amateurs, and even some professionals make when putting is to use their hands to deliver the putter to the ball. These types of players have made it a habit to use hand action to power the putter, which causes very mixed results on today’s faster green surfaces. Your lead hand […]


Ditch the Flop Shot and Learn the Bump-and-Run

When I practice low-running chips, a swing aid helps me minimize unwanted wrist hinge. One of the great quandaries in golf is what shot to play with which club when you’re just a few yards short of the green and can use almost any club. The possibilities seem infinite—and that’s the problem. Most weekend players […]


The Short Game – Your Fast Track to Better Golf

What most golfers know, but don’t really understand, is that a 300 yard drive straight down the middle is worth the exact same amount as a 6 inch putt. The difference is, if you miss the putt, you’re going to have to hit it again AFTER you put yourself in great position off the tee. […]


Are you wasting your time on the putting green?

As a teacher, I’m always investigating ways to help my players become more proficient both on the golf course and within their practice time. That’s why I am so excited to have come across one of the best books ever written on the subject of golf improvement, Mark Broadie’s Every Shot Counts, and if you are serious […]


The Fundamentals of Putting: Episode 5 – Putter face rotation

Introduction Controlling putter face rotation is crucial to hit the ball with exactly the intended face angle and thus the most important dynamic aspect of putting to control the direction of a putt. Since Dave Pelz promoted in his Putting Bible the “straight-back and straight-through” stroke to reduce or even exclude face rotation from the […]


The Fundamentals of Putting: Episode 4 – Spin and Launch

Introduction: The effective loft of the putter at impact and the vertical putter path angle through impact determine the launch angle and the spin of the ball. On fast greens a flat launch angle of the ball and initial top spin are preferred, to avoid skidding. Skidding is supposed to introduce errors in ball direction, […]


The Fundamentals of Putting: Episode 3 – Putter Path and Impact Spot

The consequence of hitting the ball outside of the sweet spot of the putter is poor ball contact with corresponding direction and distance errors. The sweet spot is the point on the putter face where the center of putter the maximum of the head mass is directly behind, and is often indicated by a line […]