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GETTING MORE DISTANCE OF THE TEE IS EASY RIGHT? Getting more distance off the tee is easy right?  Well, golf companies sure would like you to believe that…they have us feeling as if the equation is as simple as…longer drivers = longer drives.   Not so fast cowboy! As recently as the early-90s, most standard off-the-rack […]


When It’s Not You; It’s Your Golf Clubs

I’ve been a golf instructor for a long time, but I still get frustrated when I work with golfers who are serious about improving their game, yet refuse to make equipment changes. Regardless of what you may have heard, all golfers need to start and continue playing the game with a set of clubs that fits them properly. They […]


Gear Effect Basics: How off-center hits cause slices and hooks

On the lesson tee, I frequently hear players say that the club twisted or slipped out of their hands at impact. So I ask them, “Why do you think it twisted?” They usually explain that they did something to cause the club to twist or slip. This shows me that most golfers still don’t understand what is really going […]


What’s your “Smash Factor”?

One of the most egotistic terms that my Trackman monitor produces is undoubtedlySMASH FACTOR. Often varying between 0.8 and 1.5, smash factor, by nature, speaks to the egos of people wanting the see the highest number. But what really is smash factor? In simple terms, smash factor is an “efficiency rating” on the quality of strike; […]


What really determines feel in an iron?

How a golf club feels is usually a very important attribute for golfers, especially better players, and there are clearly very big differences in feel across clubs. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about what really causes a particular feel. It is important to note that the golfer defines what feel means to him […]


What Launch Monitors can tell you (and me)

    I have worked with all the technologies that have come along in my many years as a golf instructor in an effort to make my job much easier. In the beginning I only used my eyes. Then digital video came along, followed by 3D Motion analysis that showed me every nuance of the body […]


Study: Do lighter shafts increase clubhead speed?

Lighter is faster. It holds true in car racing, running, and well… just about everything. Same for golf shafts too, right? In theory, lighter shafts allow golfers to swing faster with the same effort, and a faster-moving club head means more distance. But what actually happens when the concept is put into practice? I set up […]


FYI: Optimal Fitting Numbers for Driver Peak Peformance

In stdying these “Trackman” launch monitor numbers….found several things interesting. One was the relatively small variation in optimal backspin for widely different swing speeds. Less than 300rpms at any AoA (angle of attack) between a 75mph swinger and a 120mph swinger! When you think of all the time spent obsessing over “spin-killing” shafts and driver […]


The Fundamentals of Putting: Episode 5 – Putter face rotation

Introduction Controlling putter face rotation is crucial to hit the ball with exactly the intended face angle and thus the most important dynamic aspect of putting to control the direction of a putt. Since Dave Pelz promoted in his Putting Bible the “straight-back and straight-through” stroke to reduce or even exclude face rotation from the […]