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How To Hold A Golf Club: Expert Tips For A Better Grip

How To Hold A Golf Club: Expert Tips For A Better Grip A good grip is the foundation for a good golf game. When you grip the golf club correctly, you set yourself up to execute and get everything else right. When you grip the club incorrectly, you make the game harder than it needs […]


The Bottom of the Swing Arc is the ONLY Part That Matters!

One of the most discussed topics when it comes to the golf swing is swing plane. It’s is also one of the least understood concepts in that it covers a much broader area than is generally considered. The golf club is built on an angle for a reason. Simply stated, the ball is on the […]


Impact Zone Golf Tip: The Pivot Power Chain

Like so many golfers, I’d spent thousands of hours looking for that elusive secret of golf. Sometimes it seemed pretty easy and I figured I’d never lose it ever again, only for that particular swing key’s magic to fall flat by the very next round. Sometimes it would be a tempo thing, a posture thing, […]


Pay Close Attention to Those Practice Swings

Students ask all the time if they should take a practice swing or not. In response, I ask if they do in fact partake in this all important facet of the game. The answer usually comes back “sometimes.” That’s like admitting we would “sometimes” like to hit a good shot. I also hear from many […]


How To Set-up To Uneven Lies

Unfortunately, Golf is not played on a flat lie. Most people would like it – but it is just not possible. Even on the “flattest” courses you will still have lies that are uneven. You have basically four types of lies besides a flat one: Uphill, Downhill, Sidehill (ball above feet), Sidehill (ball below feet). […]


Faults & Fixes: “Fat and Thin Golf Shots”

There are three main causes of “Fat” and “Thin” shots: Changes in the Radius, Off Plane Motion, and Ball Location. Changing the Radius in the golf swing can, and usually does, change the delivery angle, or angle of descent, into the golf ball. The radius can be changed by bending the left wrist, the left […]


Impact: The Moment of Truth

How to Learn Impact Alignments in Golf When you are striking the golf ball you can be in all of the “correct” positions and still miss the golf ball! BUT if you have proper Impact alignments then you can miss these “positions” and still hit it great. Just take a look at all of the […]


Posture Is Important

Simply stated, non-negotiable, the body angles that you create at address determine what you can and cannot do in the golf swing. With a consistent posture only, is the likelihood of creating a repetitive swing magnified. If you want to improve your current ball striking you must understand the importance of how the body moves […]


Controlling the Low Point

] As my players know, I have been preaching the secret to great ball striking all comes down to controlling the low point of your swing. In this video, Instructor David Graham provides some great images showing exactly what we mean and how to do just that.